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southland opera - the night harry stopped smoking

Tobacco Education Assembly: The Night Harry Stopped Smoking

The Night Harry Stopped Smoking is the story of Harry McGlaughlin’s dream. One night after finishing his last cigarette of the day, Harry falls asleep and dreams he is transported to a very dirty place with strange creatures living in it. When he asks them where he is, they tell him he has awakened inside his own lung.

While in his lung, Harry meets two nerve cells, two ciliary cells, and a group of alveoli (four of which are played by students selected from the audience). They explain to Harry that smoking has made it impossible for them to do their jobs. After swimming through his blood vessels to visit his heart, “Pumper”, Harry begins to realize that all the parts of his body work very hard to keep him healthy. He decides that it is his job to help them by never smoking another cigarette.

The Night Harry Stopped Smoking is appropriate for grades 2-6.

southland opera - the night harry stopped smoking

"From the moment the presentation started, we knew that we had hit a home run! The students as well as the staff members were all captivated by the performers and the message that they were delivering."
--Eader Elementary PTA

"I learned that you should never smoke."
--Kevin, 5th grade

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