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Indy Jo and the Template of Health
Indy Jo

This assembly is:

  • A four-person musical theater piece with live piano accompaniment, singing, set and costumes.
  • Highly interactive with the audience throughout the 40 minute presentation.
  • Appropriate for grades K-5.
  • Complimentary to the Network for a Healthy CA curriculum.
  • Helpful in emphasizing the importance of good nutrition in a fun and memorable way.

This assembly encourages the students to:

  • Make half of their grains whole grain.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables of varying color, especially dark green leafy and orange.
  • Start their day by eating a healthy breakfast.
  • Be active every day and use MyPlate to help with making healthy food choices.  (

Indy Jo and the Template of Health is:

Indy and Sugahfree go on an adventure.  They meet some brand new characters: Chef Mangez DeMeals, Otto Time, EZ Wayout, Unna Ware and a surprise character at the end of the show. Each of these characters represent excuses we make to not eat a healthy breakfast. With the help of the student audience, Indy and Sugahfree battle these characters, solve riddles and finally, build the TemPLATE of Health, which is the new MyPlate visual.  The Network message is strongly emphasized along with the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, being active and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Adventure! Excitement! Songs! Laughs!
And learning about good eats! These shows have it all!

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