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southland opera - indy jo and the pyramid of food

Missy and Repairman with Food Pyramid

Southland Opera is proud to present three Nutrition Education Assemblies Mission Nutrition, Indy Jo and the Pyramid of Food and Indy Jo and the Template of Health.

These assemblies are:

  • A four-person musical theatre piece with live piano accompaniment, singing, set and costumes.
  • Highly interactive with the audience throughout the 40 minute presentation.
  • Appropriate for grades K-6.
  • Complimentary to the Network for a Healthy CA curriculum.
  • Helpful in emphasizing the importance of good nutrition in a fun and memorable way.

Students are encouraged  to:

  • Make half of their grains whole grain.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables of varying color, especially dark green leafy and orange.
  • Start their day by eating a healthy breakfast.

Be active every day and to know their pyramid by going to

Indy Jo and the Pyramid of Food is:

A musical comedy adventure that pits Indy Jo against her nemesis, F.F. Greasy, and Mr. Greasy's assistant, Sugah, in an effort to solve the mystery of the ancient, scrambled Pyramid of Food. The audience helps Indy overcome many obstacles that stand in her way including F.F. Greasy, Sugah, the Bag of Couch Potatoes and the Lizard of Laziness. With the help of the audience, Indy finds the missing pyramid pieces, deciphers the riddles in each food group and finally solves the mystery of the ancient Pyramid of Food.

Adventure! Excitement! Songs! Laughs!
And learning about good eats! These shows have it all!

southland opera - the night harry stopped smoking

Southland Opera has prepared study materials for many of its ongoing productions and encourages teachers to use them to introduce their students to the music and stories of the operas.

Each set of study material is available in PDF (Acrobat Reader required), DOC (Word or similar word processing program required) and TXT formats for convenience:

Indy Jo and the Pyramid of Food - PDF

With the help of educators, Southland Opera is dedicated to reaching children and youth by presenting production on school campuses that are fresh, exciting, accessible and consistent with the standards of performing excellence.

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