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Missy and Repairman

My Story My Voice: Poetry to Song

Available for grades K-12

In this 12-session residency, the students become the storywriters, songwriters and performers of their own original musical masterpieces. Literacy, music and theatrical lessons are employed in the creation of these original compositions.

During these workshops, students will:
Create two original songs from their own stories and characters.
Learn proper vocal technique.
Practice theatrical affect and physical composure.
Develop an awareness of self and of others.
Cultivate musical expression.
At their final session, the students perform their original compositions in front of a live audience.

The integration of literacy builds confidence and engages the students. These classes can be modified to work with all students including those who are falling behind, English Language Learners, and Students with Special Needs.

Other Workshops

We also offer short term residencies and single visit workshops.

Workshop topics include:
Vocal technique.
Basic song creation.
Story writing.

Please contact Southland Sings directly in order to design your series.

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